Katrina Hodgson Wiki, Toned Up, Age, Weight Loss and Workout

Katrina Hodgson Wiki, Toned Up, Age, Weight Loss and Workout

She is a young and energetic women who is bright with passion for fitness and health. She did her bachelors in Health Science because she once struggled with her own weight. Beside fitness and health she loves cooking. She also loves cat, painting and decorating beside fitness. She is none other than Katrina Hodgson, one of the Toned Up girl.
She was born on November 8th, 1982 and raised up in New Hampshire, United States.

Being a fat person once in her life, she knows how hard it is to get in shape. She picked up her first exercise physiology book at the age of 13 and she was success in weight loss. She then became determined and graduated with bachelor degree in Health Science with a secondary on Nutrition. Starting there to today, she has become a fitness and nutrients guru. She was very bright student in her college who used to keep knowledge from outside her fields too.

She moved to Boston after graduating and joined many famous fitness club in Boston where she won numerous awards as a Master Trainer. She then started producing her own fitness and cooking videos and her fitness videos went viral online. She was now the most renowned and loved fitness trainer and expert in internet. Aerobics and Fitness Association of America in Boston featured her as one of the top fitness entrepreneurs. She then moved to California where she worked in Equinox gym as personal trainer for workout and fitness. Katrina met her girlfriend and business partner Karena Dawn while working in Equinox and they together founded ToneitUp.

they together founded ToneitUp.com.

She was more motivated with positive energy while launching ToneitUp.com. Hence, the success started falling for her and she became the most known face in fitness world. Bravo TV got so inspired from their progress that it eventually started a TV show Toned Up featuring Katrina and Karena. Their trainings and nutrients plans shown in a TV show Toned Up were very much effective in audience and many people just got in shape by following their show's broadcast on Bravo. Beside the show and website, books are also available by Katrina and Karena to maintain your weight and shape.

Being this beautiful and sexy, there is no any doubt that many boys must have fallen for her. She must have a bulk list of boyfriends and dates however no information regarding her dating and affairs are announced officially. Apart from the hush, Brian Scott is her boyfriend with whom she got married in August 2013 and is living a happy life. Fans and admirers can check her engagement videos, interviews and wedding series on youtube. Her engagement photos are also available in web where she is wearing an engagement ring. She has an absolute body measurement with average height which makes her more hot and appealing. While she flaunts her blond hair behind her ears dressed in bikini, no men can resist her. She is mostly found roaming in beaches wearing swimwear behind her residence while she is free. This bombshell holds an estimated net worth of $300 thousand and her brand is a hit.

Quick Facts of Katrina Hodgson

Birth Date November 8, 1982
Nationality American
Profession Fitness Trainer and Fitness Model
Works for Toned Up
Husband Brian Scott (m. 2013)
Married Yes
Divorce No
Is Gay/Lesbian ? No
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $300 Thousand