Michael Savage Wife, Divorce, Children, Salary and Net Worth

Michael Savage Wife, Divorce, Children, Salary and Net Worth

Micheal Savage is a well known name in between people. He was born on 31st march 1942 in the Bronx which lies in New York City in the United States of America.  He is not a tall man though his height is 5 ft 4 inch which is around 1.62 meter. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is white. His parents are Benjamin and Rae Weiner. They were Jewish emigrants from Russia. He has a very difficult childhood as due to his parent’s early death, his father died at the age of 57 due to heart attack and his mother died in 2007. He earned his graduation from Jamaica High School and earned his bachelor's degree  in biology from Queens College in 1963 later he also studied  master of science in botany ,master of arts  in anthropology and also obtained a PhD  in nutritional  ethno medicine  from  University  of  California .

Savage life struggle was not as easy as he also does very much struggle in his life to be in a place where he is now. Firstly he started earning by teaching in high school for several years in New York City. He appeared in many TV shows in his life and one of the popular was Larry king Live which he hosted with Glenn Beck. He has been a well known activist, political commentator and a good writer. He  has written altogether  36 works in  literary  21 under his  real name  of Michael  Weiner and 15  under his pseudonym  of  Michael  savage . He also made a tribute video for   legendary actor Robin Williams which was much popular and liked on YouTube.  Savage was also awarded in 2007 by Talkers Magazine with the publication annual "freedom of speech award” which he accepted it with a pre -recorded speech.

"freedom of speech award” which he accepted it with a pre -recorded speech.  As savage is financially very strong, he gets very attractive salary by which his net worth increases every year. His net worth is estimated to be $18.5 million US dollars. As with much appreciation there’s many criticism too. once the CBS  reporter ranked  savage  in number 16 in his book " 100  people  who  are screwing up America "and  various  liberal advocacy groups media  also accuse  savage  of  racism, transphobio ,bigotry and many more .

Savage  personal life is quite interesting  firstly he was dating a  girl name  Carol Ely  for  many years  and  after some time they both  decided to get married  . They were living a happy  life and they both never thought  about  separation until   some problems  started  to occur in their  relation , finally  the both couple decide to divorce and  were separated in 1964 after 3 years  of marriage. After certain time savage was again in love with Janet Weiner. He has two children; his sons, Russell and daughter Rebecca.  They both are doing well in their life. 

Savage is well accepted as well as well criticized personality in  America. A lot of   information about  him can be  obtained from  various  social  networking sites  such as  Facebook, Twitter and etc. he is very active in facebook as he have his own facebook official  fan page . As he uses his Facebook account  personally to address his fans.