Oprah Wingfrey Wiki, Personal Life, Shows and Affairs

Oprah Wingfrey Wiki, Personal Life, Shows and Affairs

An American actress, talk show host, producer and philanthropist, Oprah Gail Winfrey was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi to her unmarried mother. It’s believed that her conception was due to a single sexual intercourse which leads her mother to be an unmarried mother. Her childhood was spending in poverty with her grandmother and she used to wear worse dresses made from potato sacks because of her poverty. Oprah was given nick name of "The Preacher" as she was very able to recite Bible verse in local church. She belongs to Christian in religion.

She had very hard childhood experience and was very often molested by her Uncle, Cousin and Family Friends when she was just 9 years old. She first announced this sexual abuse information among viewers in 1986 on her TV show. She ran away at very small age of 13 from home and by her age of 14 she was pregnant but delivered a premature son who died shortly after his birth.

She was very much inspired from her grandmother who encouraged her to speak in public and she was the youngest news anchor and first black female news anchor. Her career begins working with Nashville's "WLAC-TV". In 1976 she joined "WJZ-TV" as co-anchor in "Six O'Clock News". By now she was successful and she also worked as a co-host of WJZ's local talk show People Are Talking. Her TV shows are something that people admire and love. Her skills in interviewing and talking with people and hosting shows made her top alpha female of United States. Being listed in the most powerful 100 women who changed the world she is as much successful as Hilary Clinton and Martha Stewart. She also has more credibility that the president itself, and her loyal following and talent has always won her audience heart.

Her personal life was a disaster and she suffered years of abuse and molestation. She went to "Lincon High School" and after her success in Upward Bound program; she was transferred to "Nicoler High School". Her poorness made her steal money from her mother and has an argument with her. She was then sent to her biological father Vernon in Tennessee.

her biological father Vernon in Tennessee. She became an honors student and was voted as Most Popular Girl in her High School. She later studied Communication in Tennessee State University with a full scholarship and worked in a grocery store in her teenage. She resides currently on 'The Promised Land', her own "42-acre" estate with ocean and mountain views in California.

Her affairs and dating were up from her days in high school, she was in relation with her high school sweetheart Anthony Otey. They were very close and were die hard lovers, however Anthony broke up with her claming he could never provide her better life that she has always deserved. After several months of her breakup, Oprah met William Taylor. This relation was also not so successful and she had many of affairs after this. Her affairs and dating includes John Tesh and Karner who was a married man and had no intention to cheat on his married life. All this hinderances in her relation and love affairs made her gain weight in huge amount. Winfrey later after her unsuccessful stories in affairs were involved in smoking Crack Cocaine. She said she was smoking drugs with the man with whom she was romantically involved. Her affairs did not only stopped here but she was also in brief date with movie critic Roger Ebert and Randoph Cook. She always has remained a kind person although she was blamed to be mean and selfish. Her best friend from early twenties Gayle King who hosts the Gayle King Show always supported her and hold her when she was depressed.

Throughout her life she is always devoted person for her career and her works. She has also been keen into social welfare programs and she has traveled different parts in world for bringing attention in affected people. Her success can well be seen in her popularity and her estimated net worth of $3 billion. Her news and reports are so much famous that she can be found anywhere in internet like twitter, youtube, facebook and instagram. For more details on her biography, searchers and followers can always use Google Search or directly visit sites like Wikipedia and IMDb.

Quick Facts of Oprah Wingfrey

Birth Date 29/01/1954
Nationality American
Profession Producer, Talk Show Host, Actress
Husband N/A
Married N/A
Boyfriend N/A
Is Gay/Lesbian ? No
Ethnicity Black
Net Worth $3 billion
Net Worth $3 billion
Height 1.69m
Weight 77Kg
Children/Kids Not Yet