Russell Hantz Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend or Gay and Married

Russell Hantz Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend  or Gay and Married

Russell Hantz is an American oil company owner and television personality. He got renowned by his performance made on the U.S. reality tv shows “Survivor”.  He was named as show's greatest and most influential contestants. He participated in all three distinct seasons likely on Survivor: Samoa he was the runner-up, on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains he was the second runner-up and on Survivor: Redemption Island he was eliminated. Nevertheless, he was “Sprint Player of the Season” for which he was provided with cash price $100,000.

He is one of the infamous villains of the series. He initially appeared in the Survivor: Samoa where he is notorious for his ability to locate several hidden immunity idol without any clue and also eradicating his competition ruthlessly. He appears on back-to-back seasons as he was invited again in Survivor's 20th season Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Though he had shutout loss he won the “Sprint Player of the Season” award and received the amount $100,000 for the second time. He became participant of Survivor: Redemption Island where he was eliminated. In most of the scenes he is mostly seen shirtless wearing only his sweat-stained and dirty loose boxer briefs.

He was admired by many peoples. In the 15th anniversary of Survivor, he was ranked second in the history of greatest player of the series. He is consistently voted in other polls making him most influential players.

On February 10, 2010, Hantz along with his team members from Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains made special appearances in the “The Late Show with David Letterman”. In order to advertise and promote the Redemption Island, he and Rob Marianowere featured on the cover of TV Guide Magazine.

the Redemption Island, he and Rob Marianowere featured on the cover of TV Guide Magazine. In 2012, he appeared on the Flipped Off it is the reality show entitled House Flipping. The series was all about flipping houses to earn profit. In order to become host of the show he had turned down an opportunity to host “Around The world in 80 ways”. It only aired seven episodes.

Hantz was born on October 10, 1972 in the USA. He is currently dwelling in Dayton, Texas, U.S.  His ethnicity is White / Caucasian, he is the follower of Christian. His height is about 5 feet 6 inch. Hantz has been living his daily lives running an outfit known as Hantz Tankering Service collaborating with his father and brother. He always gets updated about the clothing and the outfits. In Lafayette, Louisiana he owns a bar entitled Bootleggers.

He has been married to long time girlfriend Melanie turning her to wife. They have four children of which two are twins. There is no record of him being divorce and having affairs with any women at any point in his life. Though there were rumors about his sexuality, many people thought he was gay it wasn’t actually true.

In order to know more about Hantz, you can access and follow his Twitter or Instagram accounts. He always stays updated with his latest activities. On twitter he got followers of 49.5k with 27.7k tweets. By 2016 his estimated net worth value is around $2 million dollars. To know more about his life, earning and career, you can read his wiki that is available in sites like IMDB and Wikipedia, amongst other websites.