Tom Pellereau Wiki and Net Worth

Tom Pellereau Wiki and Net Worth

Tom Pellereau studied at Twyford School in the Twyford village located in Hampshire, England. Later, at the age of 13, he then studied at St Edward's School, located in Oxford city. He achieved a first class degree and a masters degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Innovation from the University of Bath. He has always dreamt of being an inventor since childhood which is reflected by his constant contribution to the development of various products. Some of the inventions he has contributed are the Stylfile which is a curved nail file, Mode Diagnostics which helps in cancer screening, an Ethical Goods brand which connects various brands through charities, Babisil bottles for babies and the Amadeus acoustic screen dedicated to musicians.

Tom was on team Logic throughout the entire series in the show and thus gained a low win loss ratio of 3:8, which was the worst ratio of any Apprentice winner till then. He lost every task given to him in the very first five weeks but he also gained some reputation as a hindsight man of the team under which he was representing. It was because he had found and noticed various key flaws in the strategy of his team but he lacked the command to persuade his team to change the course and the path of the team. For example, during an advertisement task, Tom attempted to convince Vincent and Jim that their choice of brand would not sell the product. Later, Vincent was fired whereas Jim had a very narrow escape. Later, Tom was the Project Manager for selling in France, and though everything was going well, his mind was changed by Melody Hossaini, and the team suffered a huge loss. He was again at danger in Week 9 of the show where his infamous biscuit design did not earn any order.

where his infamous biscuit design did not earn any order. Tom, at the end, contributed for half of the revenue of the team logic, while Melody and Helen had a useless and unsustainable strategy that resulted in their defeat.

In the series finale, Tom was at risk for his poorly presented plans for equipment for back problems and disorders, but was praised and criticized for his creativity as well as his business experience. He was later declared the winner of the show, The Apprentice from series seven.

However, the luck of the apprentice winner was not going to stop soon. He became engaged to his girlfriend Sarah Fawcus whom he met only three weeks before the launch of the apprentice. Sarah Fawcus, now his wife, is an engineer and claims her to be a big geek as her husband. Later, the family also gave birth to a son adding a third member to the family. Lord Sugar sent a tweet saying congratulations to the new father Pellereau. Pellereau and his wife Sarah had celebrated their first anniversity just nine days before they became parents.

Pellereau has an astounding 113 thousand followers in Twitter which shows how much he is popular in social networking sites. He has around 4000 tweets in his account and has various posts and photos in the twitter account. However, he does not seem to have much interest in Instagram.  He has pretty much earned a lot in his career contributing to a huge net worth sufficient to live a comfortable and luxurious life anyone can dream of. For more information about his bio or personal life, you can visit several wiki sites in the internet and other wiki sites like IMDb.